Sochi Winter Games corruption runs up staggering $50b price tag

Will the Sochi Winter Games surpass Vancouver as the “best games ever?”

They have already broken all records on the cost front, according to one critic, who believes the total cost of the Sochi Games has soared to $50 billion, at least half of which is due to graft and corruption.

(Various studies estimated the cost of the Vancouver Games at about $2 billion, including significant private sector contributions. The Russian games are overwhelmingly state-financed.)

Jean-Claude Killy, the International Olympic Committee’s Sochi co-ordinator, was philosophical.

“I don’t recall an Olympics without corruption,” Killy said. “It’s not an excuse, obviously, and I’m very sorry about it, but there might be corruption in this country, there was corruption before. I hope we find ways around that.”

No Olympics without corruption? What does John Furlong have to say about that?

How soon the IOC forgets.