VPD check on limos, party buses finds driver with no licence, another using drugs, others without chauffeur permits

Memo to parents whose kids are taking party buses to grad celebrations: your bus driver may not have a permit, may be driving without a licence or even using drugs.

This is the industry Transportation Minister Todd Stone refuses to regulate, relying instead on stern admonitions to operators to obey the law and demands that celebrating teens exercise “personal judgement.”

The Vancouver Police Department’s weekend check of 55 limousines and party buses working in the city produced yet more evidence this industry requires regulation: 23 violations in 55 checks, including one for driving without a licence and another for driving while under the influence of drugs.

Since the City of Vancouver passed my motion urging regulation of this sector — after hearing the heart-breaking story of how Julie Raymond lost her daughter Shannon in a party bus accident — the Lower Mainland Local Government Association of Metro municipalities has added its voice to the campaign.

But Minister Stone has held firm, insisting current rules are sufficient. Will these numbers change his mind?