BC Police Chiefs endorse call for regulation of party buses

BC’s Police Chiefs have endorsed the call for regulation of party buses, approving a motion at their June 18 meeting to recommend that Victoria make party bus drivers and operators responsible for liquor consumption in their vehicles.

The motion passed by the BC Police Chiefs Association recommends that “the Liquor Control and Licensing Act and the Passenger Transportation Act be reviewed and amended to provide the legislative accountability for the licensee and the driver to be responsible for the consumption of liquor in their vehicles.”

This marks a big step forward for Julie and Danielle Raymond, who have been campaigning for action since they lost Julie’s daughter Shannon in a party bus accident several years ago. The Raymond’s recently met with Transportation Minister Todd Stone to press their case.

A recent crackdown by the Vancouver Police Department found numerous violations on party buses, but a second sweep the following weekend showed much better performance. The Raymonds, however, have evidence of party bus operators still assuring customers that liquor consumption will be allowed on the bus.

A motion calling for regulation of party buses, which I took to Vancouver city council in January, has been approved by the Lower Mainland Local Government Association and will go before the Union of BC Municipalities Convention in Whistler in September.

Still no sign, however, that Victoria is prepared to move on this issue.