Compass card users nearing 600,000, FareCards disappearing. What were we worried about?

bus pictureFor the first time in a long time, there’s no news about Translink’s Compass card — which is good news. The last story I can find is two weeks old, reminding everyone that the FareCard is disappearing and announcing that the number of Compass cards in use is heading for 600,000.

About 130,000 riders have loaded up monthly passes, myself included. Clearly this new technology, delivered by Cubic, is working well.

Setting aside the fare gates, which were imposed by the province, the Compass card system has to be seen as a big gain for the region’s transit riders.

The Cubic technology is allowing transportation engineers to monitor ridership and shape service delivery like never before. This innovation is what we’re going to need more of as we work to build the world’s Greenest City.

Translink’s fare review, now gathering steam, will have a year of this data to help design the system’s future. But that’s just the beginning of the opportunities that will open up as the full potential of the Cubic system becomes apparent.

Translink needed this kind of technology to remain in the front ranks of global transit systems. Now it has it.