City calls for participants in Northeast False Creek Stewardship Group as Viaducts process begins

The Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts: part of Vancouver's future or relics of a project the city rejected?

The Viaducts: the call is out for volunteers on the Northeast False Creek Stewardship Group

The call is out in newspaper ads this week for volunteers to join the Northeast False Creek Stewardship Group, the advisory body set up by council to advise the city as the Viaducts replacement program gathers momentum.

This is an exciting opportunity to assist the city in implementing the replacement of the Viaducts, one of the most significant city-building projects in a generation.

The committee will be selected according to the usual city process and the window to apply opens April 25 and closes May 20. The city is looking for 12 to 15 people with expertise in the following areas:

Expertise will be sought in the following areas:

  • Citywide issues
  • Perspectives of local residents in the False Creek and adjacent areas and neighbourhoods
  • History of the area including historical use by the Chinese and Black communities
  • Affordable housing
  • Development economics or insight into the development industry
  • Urban design, including public space, and large event and festival planning
  • Arts and public art in urban design
  • Ecological design, with expertise in waterfront sites
  • Emergency management, seismic planning, and climate adaptation
  • Water recreation needs
  • Transportation, including active transportation
  • Tourism and entertainment
  • Health and social service needs

The Stewardship Group will work in tandem with staff, stakeholders, City Council, and the Park Board.