Working Waterfront captures history of New Westminster’s economic engine


From Working Waterfront: (Re)Claiming the New Westminster Waterfront

Before condominiums and a farmers’ market dominated the rail lines of New Westminster’s waterfront, the Royal City’s economic engine was driven by the work of countless women and men working in fish plants, longshoring and heavy industry.

That important history has been preserved — including the voices of many of the waterfront workers — in Working Waterfront: (Re)Claiming the New Westminster Waterfront, a new website that is the result of a collaboration between academics at Simon Fraser University, pensioners of Local 502, of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, and the New Westminster Museum and Archives.

This is rich collection historical resources reminds us that the province’s wealth is not based on real estate speculation — despite the chaos in the present housing market — but is the product of the hard work of thousands of people who make the province’s wheels turn.