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New YVR postal plant a strong contrast with home delivery cuts as Canada Post seeks business transformation

With just two months to go before they move into Canada Post’s new $200 million Pacific Processing Centre at YVR, touted as one of the most technically advanced postal depots in the world, members of the Canadian Union… Read More

Union movement showing signs of new strength in run-up to Labour Day

After years of steep decline, driven by globalization and the loss of manufacturing jobs, Canada’s private sector unions are showing signs of revival. This recent assessment I wrote for Business in Vancouver drew a protest from Ikea, but… Read More

It will take all hands on deck — employers and employees — to win Translink referendum

What will it take to win a Translink referendum? In this column for Business in Vancouver, I argue that it will take a clear list of benefits for all commuters, and the widest possible engagement of stakeholders, from… Read More

Can a 10-year deal buy peace in education? The odds are against it

The re-election of the Christy Clark Liberals suddenly makes her 10-year contract proposal for BC teachers a reality, but labour relations experts doubt it will produce the promised labour peace. My latest column in Business in Vancouver explores… Read More