Category: Economy

Working Waterfront captures history of New Westminster’s economic engine

Before condominiums and a farmers’ market dominated the rail lines of New Westminster’s waterfront, the Royal City’s economic engine was driven by the work of countless women and men working in fish plants, longshoring and heavy industry. That important… Read More

Seattle’s proposal to allow unionization of Uber drivers highlights tough realities of “sharing” economy

The upcoming Seattle debate on a proposal to allow unionization of Uber drivers highlights all the contradictions of the so-called “sharing” economy. When you get right down to it, what’s being “shared” is a job, divvied up into… Read More

The fight to “save” industrial land is really all about jobs, that forgotten priority of “city-building”

Suddenly, after months and years of obsessive coverage of Metro Vancouver’s red-hot housing market, we get two in-depth probes of the region’s dwindling industrial land base, that forgotten step-sister of the affordable housing debate, one with a Vancouver… Read More

An outside expert’s opinion: the next “transit” debate must really be a “transportation” debate

Jarrett Walker’s lengthy but very constructive reflection on the outcome of Metro’s tranportation and transit referendum has everything you would expect from an expert with such wide international experience and Translink-specific local knowledge: sound insights, calm conclusions and… Read More