Category: Environment and Sustainability

Why are BC’s salmon runs in decline while other Pacific nations see increases?

A seven-month old press release from the North Pacific Anadramous Fish Commission, brought to my attention by David Ellis, raises an important question: why are Canada’s salmon stocks, especially sockeye, in decline while salmon returns to Japan, Russia,… Read More

Sing out your concerns for the future of Vancouver’s birds in Bird Strategy consultation

Vancouver’s new buildings may require special window treatments, street lighting could change and city parks may be transformed in bird-friendly ways if council ultimately adopts the emerging recommendations of the Vancouver Bird Strategy, a long-term plan that council… Read More

The Pristine Coast traces salmon farming’s trail of broken promises, environmental threats

Given the relative abundance of BC’s wild salmon stocks in the 1970s, it was never clear why salmon farming should even be a consideration. We had annual wild salmon harvests worth hundreds of millions of dollars that employed… Read More

Treekeepers, Green Building Cncl, Community Energy praise progress on Greenest City goals

Speakers from Treekeepers, the Green Building Council and the Community Energy Assoc. lined up at City Hall today to praise the city’s progress on its Greenest City goals. Highlights of the progress report delivered by deputy city manager… Read More