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Extending municipal vote to permanent residents a key election task force proposal

Only one of the City of Vancouver’s Independent Election Task Force proposals to increase voter turnout seems sure to achieve the goal: extending the municipal vote to permanent residents. This group of 60,000 residents have made a decision to… Read More

Vancouver Police Board responding to “Access Without Fear” with new policies

Vancouver City Council’s decision to declare an “access without fear policy,” confirming that all city services will be available to all without regard to residency or citizenship status, is winning support from other city-funded agencies. The Vancouver Public… Read More

We welcome newcomers, they buy houses, they seem to live in them. What’s the problem?

The new federal budget is expected to confirm a goal for a record number of new arrivals in Canada, with immigration likely to exceed 300,000 people in all categories. All of them will need someplace to live. As… Read More

With Syrian families now arriving, many wonder what’s next for Canadian immigration policy

The shocking news that some hate-filled individual had pepper-sprayed refugee Syrian men, women and children outside a welcoming banquet Jan. 8 at Vancouver’s Muslim Association of Canada Centre quickly overwhelmed the real story of that evening. The real… Read More