Category: Sanctuary City

Vancouver Park Board poised to approve Access Without Fear for park services

The Vancouver Park Board is poised to implement an Access Without Fear policy tonight for all users of park services, following on the heels of similar decisions by City Council and the Vancouver Public Library. Discussions are still continuing… Read More

Vancouver Police Board responding to “Access Without Fear” with new policies

Vancouver City Council’s decision to declare an “access without fear policy,” confirming that all city services will be available to all without regard to residency or citizenship status, is winning support from other city-funded agencies. The Vancouver Public… Read More

Key to “Sanctuary City” is “access without fear,” a goal that requires many players to succeed

News reports about Vancouver’s first steps toward a “sanctuary city” policy have sounded the right note of caution: a “sanctuary city” declaration without real substance would be worse than doing nothing at all. The goal is to make… Read More