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You could help Translink Mayors’ Council plan the region’s future funding system

Are you someone with community experience concerned about how Metro Vancouver will fund its transportation needs for the next generation? If so, you may want to offer your time to serve on the upcoming independent review of “mobility… Read More

Report on impact of self-driving cars could be before Vancouver council by fall

Vancouver engineering staff have recruited a researcher and begun preliminary analysis of the implications of driverless cars for the city’s transportation sector. A report should come to council as early as this fall. The project is in response to a motion… Read More

Massive “disruption” of taxi sector already under way, but Victoria no closer to ride-sharing response

The Board of Trade’s appeal to Victoria to develop a comprehensive policy for ride-sharing — echoing a similar call from Vancouver city council last fall — makes the completely erroneous claim that shares in taxi companies sell for… Read More

Uber’s decision to retreat from BC market may give time for a sane ride-sharing solution

Uber’s decision to retreat, for a second time, from a launch into the BC marketplace means the door may be open, at last, to develop a sensible ride-sharing regulatory regime that balances the needs of customers with the… Read More