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Myths about the Viaducts #1: traffic will get worse, right? Actually, it will improve, overall

Early coverage and social media commentary on the proposal to remove and replace the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts has been plagued by a few key pieces of information. Here, as a public service, real facts on four key… Read More

Downtown bus service review proposes route extensions to link West End, Yaletown in next five years

Key downtown bus routes will see route changes and extensions in the next five years to improve service and provide better links between the West End and Yaletown if Translink implements recommendations of the Downtown Bus Service Review…. Read More

Single zone bus fare signals Translink heading into home stretch on Compass card, tough decisions to come

The new single zone for bus riders under the Compass card system, announced by acting Translink CEO Cathy McLay yesterday, signals Translink’s surrender, at last, on its requirement for Compass users to “tap off” on buses. The “tap… Read More

An outside expert’s opinion: the next “transit” debate must really be a “transportation” debate

Jarrett Walker’s lengthy but very constructive reflection on the outcome of Metro’s tranportation and transit referendum has everything you would expect from an expert with such wide international experience and Translink-specific local knowledge: sound insights, calm conclusions and… Read More