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Rejection of 105 Keefer opened the door to new future for Chinatown, but will anyone walk through?

Yesterday’s 8-3 council vote to reject Beedie Group’s proposal to build a 12-story project at 105 Keefer ended the longest public hearing in a decade, a process that turned into a debate on the future of Chinatown. I… Read More

Guichon, Clark and Reid, eminent women at centre of BC’s political crisis, play a striking role at Grace McCarthy’s funeral

With her sudden gasp, her struggle for composure and her faltering opening , BC Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon made it clear today that her contribution at Grace McCarthy’s state funeral was deeply personal. McCarthy, who died May 24 at 89,… Read More

Auditor General pinpoints concerns about BC Housing’s Non-Profit Asset Transfer Program

BC Housing’s Non-Profit Asset Transfer Program may not provide long-term protection for social housing stock, says BC’s Auditor General, and could cost taxpayers more than it generates in benefits. Last month’s report by Carol Bellringer has confirmed many… Read More

Big park, new seawall, new Georgia ramp, public spaces are emerging direction for post-Viaducts city

A big waterfront park, a new ramp connecting False Creek to Georgia St. and new public spaces are some the exciting “emerging directions” emerging from the city’s lengthy consultations on the future of Northeast False Creek. Central to… Read More