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The fight to “save” industrial land is really all about jobs, that forgotten priority of “city-building”

Suddenly, after months and years of obsessive coverage of Metro Vancouver’s red-hot housing market, we get two in-depth probes of the region’s dwindling industrial land base, that forgotten step-sister of the affordable housing debate, one with a Vancouver… Read More

Cambie rezonings generating millions for affordable housing, childcare

Just two years ago, then chief city planner Brent Toderian was warning developers to cool the frantic speculation that was driving up land prices along the Cambie Corridor, leading some to worry they would be unable to offer… Read More

City greenlights $20m theatre hub for False Creek in latest investment in arts, cultural space

Today’s unanimous council vote to approve a new $20 million rehearsal and theatre space in Southeast False Creek will add 48,330 square feet to the city’s arts infrastructure, support two key theatre organizations, create a 250-seat theatre and… Read More

City planner kills six-storey proposal that saved Stong’s in wake of Dunbar outcry

A six-storey mixed use proposal for Dunbar that exceeded the community plan’s four-storey limit, but ensured the future of Stong’s grocery store, a neighbourhood institution, has been quashed in response to community opposition. City council members had heard… Read More