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Vancouver city finances in solid shape thanks to careful, transparent budget process

With council poised to approve a 2.3 percent tax increase next week, it’s worth remembering that Vancouver’s budget process, which has recently come under scrutiny by think tanks and business columnists, meets or exceeds the best standards in… Read More

The fight to “save” industrial land is really all about jobs, that forgotten priority of “city-building”

Suddenly, after months and years of obsessive coverage of Metro Vancouver’s red-hot housing market, we get two in-depth probes of the region’s dwindling industrial land base, that forgotten step-sister of the affordable housing debate, one with a Vancouver… Read More

Vancouver, Burnaby look like a bargain compared to Delta or Langley when housing, transportation costs combined

A ground-breaking new study that combines housing costs with transportation and transit costs has found that apparently expensive municipalities like Vancouver and Burnaby can actually be cheaper for lower income families than Delta, Langley or the North Shore…. Read More

Strong BC film sector producing blockbusters, animation, jobs . . . but distinctive BC stories? Not yet

If Vancouver is “the best place in North America, possibly the world, to shoot a major feature film,” as producers’ association boss Peter Leitch told council this morning, when will we see an internationally-acclaimed film that features BC… Read More