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Port Metro Vancouver raising curtain on huge Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project, Massey Bridge dredging plans

Port Metro Vancouver CEO Robin Silvester used his annual presentation at the Vancouver Board of Trade today to connect the dots between the Massey Bridge project and the port’s future plans for the Fraser River, while unveiling the… Read More

Canadian urbanists issue manifesto for move to “walk, bike, transit” sustainable development

The Charter for Canadian Cities, a manifesto signed last month by a national gathering of Canada’s leading planners and architects, will see our cities evolve into something a little like Vancouver, if the co-conspirators have their way. Former… Read More

Robertson urges Port Metro Vancouver to consult on coal export plans

Mayor Gregor Robertson has again reminded Port Metro Vancouver that the city is expecting consultation and input on decisions that would make the port the largest coal exporter in North America. Here’s the text of that letter.

Civil disobedience highlights climate impact of coal export strategy

While debate rages about the Enbridge pipeline, the costs and benefits for BC, and the impact on climate change, BC is steadily increasing its exports of coal, both from domestic and American mines. In this column for the… Read More