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Narrow majority of Toronto council ready to reconnect city to Lake Ontario by replacing section of freeway

Metro Toronto council is just a day away from an historic vote on whether or not to tear down the eastern section of the Gardiner Expressway, an elevated freeway that has cut off the city from Lake Ontario… Read More

Supreme Court verdict on Creekside Park may clear the way for new co-operation

A BC Supreme Court verdict upholding the City of Vancouver’s decision to allow Concord Pacific to locate condo sales offices on the future site of False Creek’s Creekside Park may actually speed development of the park, not delay… Read More

Approval of Concord’s 5BW rezoning clears way for final push on Creekside Park extension

False Creek residents anxious to see completion of the Creekside park extension on the north side of False Creek can count on a critical council decision by this time next year, in the wake of last night’s council… Read More

Concord rezoning report lays out process for delivery of Creekside Park

When will False Creek residents at last see delivery of the long-awaited Creekside Park Extension built by Concord Pacific to replace the acres of asphalt now dominating the north side of the Creek? Frustration over the long wait… Read More