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City council to debate Ottawa’s cuts to family reunification program

The federal government’s proposed reductions in the family reunification program, which allows established immigrant families to bring parents and grandparents here to join them, is raising grave concern in immigrant communities right across Canada. If Vancouver City Council… Read More

Growing numbers of temporary foreign workers raise new issues for municipal governments

Even before the recent class action against Denny’s, launched by a large group of Filipino temporary foreign workers,  it was clear that this major change in Canada’ s immigration rules — to focus on short-term labour force needs… Read More

Where are immigrant organizations’ voices in debate over new transit investments?

The debate over the future of Metro Vancouver’s transit system — particularly how much-needed expansion will be funded — has been dominated by politicians and some business groups. Notably absent are the voices of riders, particularly new immigrants… Read More

New generation of Filipino community leaders commits to renew Pinoy Plaza

A new generation of Filipino community leaders has taken up the challenge of renewing and expanding Pinoy Plaza, a legacy of Expo 86 created in just 10 months before the 1986 World’s Fair. Tucked under the Expo Line… Read More