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City planner spells out steps to move Grandview Woodlands plan forward

Sixty days after city council responded to Grandview Woodland Area Council demands to slow down and reboot the GW community planning process, the GWAC leadership is frustrated at the lack of action from city staff. When council voted… Read More

Never mind “what’s the rush?” to develop, Jak King, your Grandview Woodlands ‘hood is flatlining

Alleged smoking gun evidence that Vancouver will meet its regional growth goals 22 years early, released in a breathless and error-filled news release Sunday by Jak King, of the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods, worked the Internet into a… Read More

Third Skytrain platform at Commercial underlines urgency of Broadway investment

Translink’s call this week for bids to build a third Skytrain platform at Commercial Drive and Broadway to handle Evergreen Line traffic underlines the urgency of moving ahead with rapid transit on the Broadway Corridor. The third platform… Read More