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With 99 B-Line at capacity, Broadway rapid transit debate picking up speed

One key take-away from the growing debate triggered by the Broadway Corridor discussion at council last week: no one is arguing that the straining bus system, already the busiest route in North America, can solve the problem. (Thanks… Read More

City planners, engineers propose “bold new plan” to replace Viaducts, expand park, reconnect neighbourhoods

Vancouver city planners and engineers today released the “bold new concept” they are taking to open houses next week to remove the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts in favour of a new boulevard that combines Expo and Pacific, then… Read More

Three important questions that were seldom raised at all-candidates’ meetings, and Vision’s answers

With all-candidates’ meetings over and five days of door-knocking remaining before Saturday’s election decision, I realize there were three questions I expected but seldom encountered at all candidates’ meetings. I participated in about six meetings, I think —… Read More

Energy retrofit of BC homes would fight poverty, cut GHGs, drive green jobs

A clear commitment to energy retrofit BC’s existing housing stock while changing energy pricing could reduce poverty, cut a leading source of greenhouse gas emissions and create up to 12,000 new jobs province-wide, according to a compelling new… Read More