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Help wanted: residents in Jim Green’s affordable housing projects who can help assess his legacy

Are you now or have you ever lived in one of hundreds of affordable housing units that Jim Green helped build in our city? If so, Tyee journalist David Ball would like to talk to you as part… Read More

Jim Green’s ghost must be smiling over Bronx’s Gramsci Monument

The fact that the biggest buzz in New York’s art world this summer is being generated by Thomas Hirschhorn’s Gramsci Monument must surely have Jim Green’s ghost smiling over the Bronx. This remarkable installation in a New York City… Read More

Hundreds gather at the Orpheum to celebrate Jim Green’s life

A highlight of yesterday’s memorial for Jim Green at the Orpheum was this video, including great archival footage, prepared by George Orr.

Two unique contributions to the growing Jim Green archive

In the wealth of reminisences of my friend Jim Green, these two stand out: an eloquent obituary by Tom Hawthorn and this 2005 radio profile by the CBC’s Stephen Quinn.