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Strike settlement an unqualified win for Unifor and port truckers, but raises troubling questions about PMV

Port Metro Vancouver’s disastrous four-week shutdown by truckers’ job action was not only predicted by avoidable. In the wake of Unifor’s unqualified victory in the dispute, validated in a Victoria news conference with Premier Christy Clark, what lessons… Read More

Port Metro Vancouver raising curtain on huge Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project, Massey Bridge dredging plans

Port Metro Vancouver CEO Robin Silvester used his annual presentation at the Vancouver Board of Trade today to connect the dots between the Massey Bridge project and the port’s future plans for the Fraser River, while unveiling the… Read More

Metro Vancouver opposition to Fraser Surrey coal trains echoes resistance in US Northwest

Metro Vancouver’s strong majority vote last Friday opposing US thermal coal exports from Fraser Surrey docks came despite warnings from rail and coal spokesmen who warned of dire consequences to BC’s economy if the motion passed. But the… Read More

Despite export growth, port jobs decline slightly and move to the suburbs

Port Metro Vancouver likes to remind us how many jobs it supports, both here and across Canada, but a Feb. 1 presentation to Metro Vancouver’s Regional Planning and Agriculture Committee dug deeper to reveal some interesting facts. Simon… Read More