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Cascadia high speed rail advocates plan strategy as Republicans take aim at rail investments

Three newly-elected Republican governors in the US have rejected federal high speed rail funding for their states — don’t ask me why — triggering turmoil along the Cascadia rail corridor that ends here in Vancouver. So far, the… Read More

Monumental lobbying effort required to secure $800,000 for Amtrak train

Yesterday’s eleventh hour rescue of Amtrak’s second train to Vancouver was a telling symbol of how far Canada has to go to catch up to the rest of the world when it comes to investing in passenger and… Read More

While Vancouver seeks to secure second Amtrak train, Montreal builds case for high-speed rail to New York

Communities up and down the Cascadia corridor from Vancouver, BC, to Eugene, Ore., are humming with the news of record increases in ridership this year on the Amtrak Cascades, the passenger rail system that will see $600 million… Read More

Green jobs in transit and passenger rail

The continuing talks among Victoria, Translink and the Council of Mayors about new transit investments — particularly the Evergreen Line — may produce action this fall, a year after the province slammed the door on a $450 million… Read More