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Cascadia team pushes new Amtrak train as critical step toward high-speed rail

The dream of a high speed rail connection along the Cascadia corridor from Vancouver through to Seattle and Portland may be far in the future, but a critical step toward that goal is much closer: a permanent second… Read More

High(er) speed rail update

Only two Canadian cities — Montreal and Vancouver – stand to be winners in the battle for benefits from President Barack Obama’s $8 billion high speed rail development program, but so far Ottawa won’t let Vancouver get in… Read More

Laying that steel rail down

Crews are hard at work along 6th Ave. between Moberley and Granville Island welding continuous rail for the Downtown Streetcar pilot project. The project is to be completed in time for the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games…. Read More

By bike, bus and train

Three reports at today’s meeting of the city’s Transportation and Traffic Committee will excite the bike, bus and train enthusiasts out there. First, this report summarizes recent city bicycle traffic counts, showing Vancouver is doing well  at a… Read More