Sing out your concerns for the future of Vancouver’s birds in Bird Strategy consultation


The Black-capped Chickadee, official 2015 Vancouver city bird

Vancouver’s new buildings may require special window treatments, street lighting could change and city parks may be transformed in bird-friendly ways if council ultimately adopts the emerging recommendations of the Vancouver Bird Strategy, a long-term plan that council asked for in 2013.

Consultation on the current draft of the Bird Friendly Design Guidelines continues until Dec. 15, and a report to council could come as early as next month. You can give your input here.

The importance of birds to our natural and urban environment is not in doubt, nor the worrisome steep decline in their numbers. But should sensitive bird habitat in parks be inaccessible to dogs? It seems obvious, but experience suggests the proposal may be controversial.

So now is the time to be heard: sing out your concern for birds.