City’s 311 getting two rat complaints a day, but Green Bin system reducing infestations

brown_ratWhy was there a rat infestation in Point Grey in 2014? City inspectors can’t say exactly, but concluded most other infestations that year were due to negligent businesses, landlords or neighbours.

The details on the city’s rat problems were summarized in a memo to council today from City Engineer Jerry Dobrovolny, who reported that residents called in 830 cases of rat problems in 2015, down from 840 in 2014. That includes private and public property, with the majority of calls asking for dead animal pick-up or reporting “messy overgrown yards.”

(There’s a helpful map on page five of the where and why of rodent infestations in the city in 2014.)

Vancouver’s 311 call centre gets at least two complaints a day about rat infestations, says Dobrovolny, but that’s not related to the roll-out of the city’s Green Bin program.

Most of the bins are kept closed and in good condition. Problems arise when:

  • commercial dumpsters are poorly managed, allowing litter and waste to spill onto theh ground;
  • mattresses, wood piles and building materials are piled on private property, providing nesting spots; or
  • private or community garden composts are poorly managed.

A key concern has been management of demolitions, which are now going to be more closely managed through the permitting process.

More information on rodent control is available here.