More Translink service improvements coming soon as regional Mayors begin search for long-term funding solution

Just a few weeks after important service improvements to support the opening of the Evergreen Line, Translink is preparing to announce even more transit investments on top of the Dec. 16 decision to purchase 28 new Skytrain cars.

Some of the money for the expansion will come from a funding package approved by the Mayor’s Council late last year, some from the proceeds of the sale of the former Oakridge bus depot, but all of it is the result of Phase 1 of the 10-year plan for transit investments across the region.

Long overdue improvements to existing services may include extension of service hours and improved frequency on busy routes.

Next task: confirm provincial support for Phase 2 of the plan, which includes construction of the Broadway Subway and light rail in Surrey. With Ottawa poised to make its major infrastructure decisions for the rest of this government mandate early in 2017, this is bound to be a provincial election debate.