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@HostCityPride best way to monitor Tim Stevenson’s Pride mission to #Sochi

With just nine days to go before his departure to the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, Councillor Tim Stevenson has launched @HostCityPride to ensure supporters can use Twitter to follow his efforts to win changes to the Olympic Charter… Read More

Beijing’s Olympic ruins: state of the art facilities sit untouched since closing ceremonies

Just five years after the 2008 closing ceremonies, many of the Beijing Olympics’ state-of-the-art sports venues sit abandoned and in ruins, according to these shocking pictures from Atlantic Cities. Will this be the fate of Sochi’s venues? In… Read More

Sochi Winter Games corruption runs up staggering $50b price tag

Will the Sochi Winter Games surpass Vancouver as the “best games ever?” They have already broken all records on the cost front, according to one critic, who believes the total cost of the Sochi Games has soared to… Read More

Solving the Sam Sullivan Olympic Village problem, $100 million at a time

Buried deep in the city’s annual financial statements headed to this week’s council meeting is the news that Vancouver is more than $170 million closer to retiring the Olympic Village debt. That obligation stood at more than $750… Read More