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City to seek proposals for $4.5m Rize arts investment in Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant’s arts community will soon be invited to submit proposals for the investment of $4.5 million in community amenity contributions generated by the Rize development at Kingsway and Broadway. The money will be allocated to improve arts… Read More

Jim Green’s ghost must be smiling over Bronx’s Gramsci Monument

The fact that the biggest buzz in New York’s art world this summer is being generated by Thomas Hirschhorn’s Gramsci Monument must surely have Jim Green’s ghost smiling over the Bronx. This remarkable installation in a New York City… Read More

Ideas, not jobs, are the main economic benefit of investment in the arts

As Vancouver prepares for the upcoming council debate on the future of the Vancouver Art Gallery, economist Todd Hirsch argues in the Globe and Mail that arts investments are justified — in fact necessary for — the new… Read More

George Norris’ sculpture defined public art in Vancouver in the 1960s

Sculptor George Norris, who died earlier this week in Victoria, made a  contribution to the city’s public art that may exceed that of any other artist. The crab at the Planetarium is an attraction in its own right… Read More