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It’s time to crack down on bosses breaking TFW program rules

A worker who gets caught working without proper documentation is promptly deported, but his rule-breaking employer? Well, at the end of the day . . . nothing happens. My latest column for Business in Vancouver.

Mobile business licences: some said they wouldn’t happen, but lo! here they come!

In January, when I asked city staff to push forward with a mobile business licence, long sought by business groups to help firms that work across municipal lines, former councillor Peter Ladner scoffed. “Check back in another seven… Read More

CUPE’s O’Neill ramps up union’s battle to save . . . small business!

A labour-backed conference to build BC’s small business? Yes, it happened, at the Bayshore, thanks to the tireless efforts of CUPE’s Barry O’Neill to support local businesses in this province. My report for Business in Vancouver here.

How Jim Sinclair’s re-election as BC Fed president could impact labour law debate

Little reported but significant nonetheless, Jim Sinclair’s re-election in November as president of the BC Federation of Labour means a veteran campaigner will be on deck for the May provincial vote and a probable NDP victory. I consider… Read More