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Worried about organized crime links to dispensaries? Why not go further, investigate the whole drug business?

The City of Vancouver’s new marijuana dispensary bylaws have infuriated Vancouver Sun court reporter Ian Mulgrew because they allegedly ignore that “the money made from the low-hanging cannabis fruit pays for the soldiers and street dealers pushing other drugs.”… Read More

Born outside Canada, now living here? Vancouver wants your input to improve support for newcomers

Are you a Vancouver resident born outside of Canada? If so, the City of Vancouver needs your help to improve its services to ensure the best possible success for newcomers to our community. You can do it going… Read More

Breaking news about something not happening in the city: the renewal of many neighhourhood retail districts

Frances Bula’s latest column in Vancouver Magazine explores a topic I’ve often puzzled over: the economic drivers for Vancouver’s neighbourhood retail districts. Her breaking news is that nothing is happening  in many areas. For many, that will be… Read More

Challenges for 555 Cordova show Central Waterfront Hub plan is proving its worth

Most of the controversy about Cadillac Fairview’s now-rejected “origami” tower at 555 West Cordova has centred on how it fits in with the city’s past, especially heritage buildings like CPR Station to the west and the Landing to… Read More