Category: Heritage

Sale of Tosi’s sure to trigger new debate about heritage preservation in Chinatown

It was bound to happen some day, but the For Sale sign on Tosi’s at 624 Main, the city’s oldest Italian deli in the heart of Chinatown, is certain to trigger new debate on heritage protection in one of… Read More

The real estate market: when should “character” be saved, when should it be “monetized?”

When it comes to neighbourhood redevelopment, should we demolish and replace? Renovate and expand? Or demolish and expand? It’s hard to say, as demonstrated by this week’s column by Kerry  Gold, the Globe and Mail’s hard-working and thoughtful BC… Read More

Vancouver’s heritage streetcar operation heads to the history books

A staff review of the Vancouver Downtown Historic Railway, the vintage Interurban streetcar system that ran for a number of years along the south shore of False Creek, has concluded the vintage cars can no longer operate a… Read More

Ming Sun owners, heritage advocates win six-month window to find restoration plan for historic building

Japantown’s Ming Sun building, a heritage building across from Oppenheimer Park that seemed fated for demolition just five weeks ago, has gone from the critical list to probable recovery. Removal of dangerous brickwork in December reassured city inspectors… Read More