Category: Neighbourhoods

Reports of death of Le Marche St. George greatly exaggerated

Le Marche St. George, the popular neighbourhood grocery store and community fixture at St. George and E. 28th in East Vancouver, is not at risk of closure, says deputy city manager Sadhu Johnston. A recent city inspection, triggered… Read More

How Vancouver is supporting DTES street vendors with new, safe sales locations

Survival street vending is a critical source of income for many living in the Downtown Eastside, a fact that the city has recognized by investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in safe, seven-day-a-week locations for street vending in… Read More

Myths about the Viaducts #3: “Leave them alone, they’ll last forever.” Nope, they’ll fall at the first tremor

Myths about the Viaducts #3: they’re built for the ages, can never fall down A recent Vancouver Courier story cited comments from a former member of Vancouver’s engineering department claiming that the viaducts are perfectly fine, as well… Read More

City cracks down on derelict, abandoned homes on Cambie, but forced rental not possible

An improved city education program, combined with an enforcement crackdown, has virtually eliminated problems of vermin and garbage around empty homes on Cambie, says city planning general manager Brian Jackson, but the city does not have the power… Read More