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Robertson to Stone: BC needs new policy framework to put ride-sharing, taxis on level field

With Transportation minister Todd Stone’s evolving position on ride-sharing causing whiplash in Victoria — NDP MLA George Heyman accuses him of “flip-flop-flip” — it’s useful to review Mayor Gregor Robertson’s Jan. 5 proposal for a made-in-BC policy framework to manage the… Read More

Pressure grows on Transport Minister Todd Stone to show leadership on taxi system

With Vancouver taxi companies scrambling to get 58 more cabs on the road for the Christmas rush, Transportation Minister Todd Stone is coming under increasing pressure to show leadership in the face of the crisis facing the region’s… Read More

Will new Translink fares be fair? Only if transit riders organize to have their say

Translink’s decision to do a complete review of its fare structure, driven by new data generated by Compass card use, is both an opportunity and a risk for transit riders. The review may offer an opportunity to reduce… Read More

“One in a million” shutdown underlines importance of Skytrain to regional transportation

The “one in a million” accident on the Expo line that forced a long shutdown of Skytrain service during Tuesday’s rush hour underlines once more how critical it is to renew and expand rail commuter service right across… Read More