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This just in: the latest update on Vancouver’s White Christmas crisis

With council debating a motion to have an independent inquiry into the Christmas and New Year’s snow crisis, it’s helpful to review this comprehensive report from City Engineer Jerry Dobrovolny, who headed up the clean-up. Among the key… Read More

Extending municipal vote to permanent residents a key election task force proposal

Only one of the City of Vancouver’s Independent Election Task Force proposals to increase voter turnout seems sure to achieve the goal: extending the municipal vote to permanent residents. This group of 60,000 residents have made a decision to… Read More

What transit fare is fair? Translink riders want lower fares, particularly for short trips

Translink’s comprehensive fare review, the first since the modern system was established a generation ago, is finding strong support for lower fares for frequent riders making short trips. But is such a fare system fair? As transit expert… Read More

Rewilding Coal Harbour: it would mean shoals of flounder, sole and herring

Three years ago, Vancouver Park Board set about “rewilding” Vancouver with a special program to reintroduce lost species, habitat and ecosystems. The focus was on land-based species, but what would it take to “rewild” Burrard Inlet, once the… Read More