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How Vancouver is supporting DTES street vendors with new, safe sales locations

Survival street vending is a critical source of income for many living in the Downtown Eastside, a fact that the city has recognized by investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in safe, seven-day-a-week locations for street vending in… Read More

DTES Street Market points way to better answers on “survival vending”

Ten proud Downtown Eastside Artists each unveiled a major 10 foot by six foot painting at the DTES Street Market Sunday to create a Greenway Gallery along the Carrall St. edge of the bustling “survival vending” project. On… Read More

At Home project results show “housing first” can help confront crisis of mental health, addiction, homelessness

The new task force to tackle the crisis in mental health and addiction, announced yesterday by Gregor Robertson at his round table session at the Wosk Centre, will have huge obstacles to overcome, but solid scientific data on… Read More

City police tally tragic cost of province’s failure to fund mental health services

Continuing coverage of the problems at VGH’s psychiatric facility have largely glossed over the huge cost to city taxpayers that results from the failutre to fund mental health services. Nineteen mentally ill individuals Vancouver police sought to refer… Read More