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Massive “disruption” of taxi sector already under way, but Victoria no closer to ride-sharing response

The Board of Trade’s appeal to Victoria to develop a comprehensive policy for ride-sharing — echoing a similar call from Vancouver city council last fall — makes the completely erroneous claim that shares in taxi companies sell for… Read More

Robertson to Stone: BC needs new policy framework to put ride-sharing, taxis on level field

With Transportation minister Todd Stone’s evolving position on ride-sharing causing whiplash in Victoria — NDP MLA George Heyman accuses him of “flip-flop-flip” — it’s useful to review Mayor Gregor Robertson’s Jan. 5 proposal for a made-in-BC policy framework to manage the… Read More

Stone on Viaducts last April: “discussions have been under way for quite some time with Vancouver”

Sorry, I just can’t seem to get enough of Todd Stone talking about the Viaducts proposal in Hansard. Last week, Minister Stone warned there was no “done deal,” everyone should chill, the province had not been consulted. Today,… Read More

Latest from Stone on Viaducts: “committed to sitting down with the city so we get this project right”

Transportation minister Todd Stone was under fire in the Legislature this afternoon from Vancouver Fairview NDP MLA George Heyman for his recent comments on the city’s decision to replace the Viaducts.  Stone’s final comment: he’s “committed to sitting… Read More