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Fassbender’s “transit-supporting levy:” a new way to make municipalities pay?

Transportation minister Peter Fassbender’s latest musings about a new “transit-supporting levy” imposed on transit-oriented development sound like a complex new way for Victoria to impose the entire cost of transportation investment on municipalities. Says Fassbender: “If you build… Read More

Tentative agreement with bus drivers signals better days for Translink riders . . . at last

Translink’s bus drivers, members of Unifor Locals 111 and 2200, will be voting Thursday on a tentative three-year agreement with Translink, the latest sign that the regional transit authority is finally into a stretch of good news. There are… Read More

How Vancouver fought freeways, replacing the Viaducts, foreign investment: all in one story

Vancouver’s battle to defeat freeways and the significance of council’s decision to replace the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts has been included in the Guardian’s outstanding Story of Cities series with a wise concluding comment from architect Bing Thom…. Read More

Fassbender’s U-turn on vehicle levy signals continuing chaos in BC funding plans

It took Peter Fassbender, minister responsible for Translink, only a few hours yesterday to complete a double U-turn on Victoria’s transit funding policy, declaring first that a referendum would not be needed to impose a vehicle levy and… Read More